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Wayfinding White Papers: Round Trip
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ADA for LCD Touch

Directory Listing with Scheduler & Wayfinding for Outdoors

Choose destination options.
Guests can select specific information
about locations.
View destination routes, information
about destination, schedule
reservations, and more.
1st Screen:
Guests can see current location and a
directory of activity options from
which to choose.
2nd Screen:
Selected destination options appear.
Guests can select more information
about each.
3rd Screen:
Directions and more specific information are shown. "Interactive" options appear offering Guests ease, convenience & flexibility.
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Meeting Calendar & Wayfinding
Choose relevant meeting options.
Select meeting option and view
event calendar.
Select meeting type. View calendar for
dates, times and room location.
1st Screen:
Introductory screen shows building
layout and navigation sidebar lets
visitors choose from Church-based
or General Public meeting options.
2nd Screen:
Meeting directory appears with the current month's calendar. Visitors can easily scroll through to find their choice.
3rd Screen:
Meeting-specific information is shown
on event calendar. Rooms where meetings will be held are shown
on building floormap.
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Mall Wayfinding with Multiple Language Options & Wayfinding
Choose language.
Choose store from directory.
View Directions.
1st Screen:
User can choose from several
languages. Greeting and other information cycles through a variety
of languages in background.
  2nd Screen:
Language specific directory listings appear. Visitor can search by store
name product category.
  3rd Screen:
Selected store is highlighted and
chosen. Directions from starting
location to store are indicated.
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