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Here2There Digital Wayfinding Applications to Work for any Industry

Find Your Way in Three Easy Steps:

• Screen shows "You Are Here"

• Select "Where do you want to go"

• Dynamically generate directions and go

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Employee_Based_Applications_Image Employee-based

Here2There Wayfinding installed on the computers of, for example, the concierge, receptionist or check-in staff, will cater to the audience that prefers a human touch to the service.

A simple startup icon on the desk-top provides easy access to the employee.

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Mobile_Applications_Image Mobile

If you have a larger facility, make navigating through easier for visitors by providing them with a Here2There mobile wayfinding app. Combined with a positioning system, Turn-by-Turn directions can be offered.

More information on H2T Mobile.

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Touchscreen_Applications_Image Touchscreen or Kiosk

A strategically-placed stand-alone kiosk, or wall-mounted touch screen LCD panel, offers visitors a quick, convenient and easy-to-use option to find destinations.

These systems can also be used for onscreen brand-reinforcement, advertising and relaying relevant information to Guests.

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Web_Applications_Image Web

Here2There Digital Wayfinding as a web application lets users get information from the convenience of home, office, hotel, laptop. Ideal for those who like to work out their itinerary ahead of time.

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